Diet For TB patients by Dr. Amit Gupta

  • Are you people aware that 55% of people are suffering from tuberculosis who are malnourished, So proper diet for TB patients is very necessary for such diseases.
  • Moreover, if a person is suffering from tuberculosis and Malnutrition together, so there are chances of death too.
  • So today with the help of this blog, we will discuss diet for TB patients, we will discuss what should be the exact diet chart for TB patients and the energy requirement of the patient.
  • Role of good diet in tuberculosis is very necessary for one's life and especially in such diseases.

We will talk about the protein a patient should take and if good nutritious food is not taken by the person what can be the problems that one can face and also we will discuss about the lymph node tuberculosis diet in this blog.


           Topics for today’s discussion

  1. Tuberculosis- Brief description of TB

  2. Food for TB patients

  3. Lymph node tuberculosis diet

  4. Abstinence during tuberculosis

  5. Nutrition and its effects in Tuberculosis

  6. Nutritional value in Tuberculosis

  7. Micronutrients

  8. Diet for tuberculosis in pregnant women


  1. Tuberculosis- Brief description of TB
  • Tuberculosis is a potentially serious infectious bacterial disease which can mainly affect the lungs.
  • The bacteria that causes tuberculosis is spreaded in people when an infected person coughs or sneezes.
  • If a person is malnutrition the bacteria inside the body gets activated and causes tuberculosis to the person.
  • Tuberculosis sufferers, if not take care of their diets properly can face a lot of problems in their lives.
  • If you are suffering from tuberculosis, you have weight loss and you not really like to have food and not eat properly so in that case nutrition becomes important in your lives.
  • That's why the government has also provided a great facility to all the tuberculosis patients i.e. all the patients will be given a special food basket in which all the items full of proteins, multivitamins, minerals will be given to them.
  • Nutritious food is obviously very healthy and will provide more energy for them.

 ★Most importantly, the patient should not avoid taking medicines regularly, according to the consultation of the doctor.

★ Medicines are taken either before taking food or some are taken after your meals, according to the consultation of the doctor.

★ Medicines are usually heavy in dose it's very important to take care of your diet and food.


2. Food for TB patients (TB patient food list) 

  • Firstly we will talk about green vegetables which are very healthy and beneficial for one’s health.
  • Green vegetable provides you with antioxidants, multivitamins, minerals in a very good amount.
  • Spinach, coriander can be taken in this disease which is, of course, healthy and nutritious for your health.

  Antioxidants which should be taken

  • Tomato
  • Carrot
  • Radish
  • Green vegetables


*It is advised to take high protein diet in tuberculosis.

*Sources of protein such as milk, egg, paneer, Dal, soybean, fish must be taken.

-These items will provide you with maximum protein for your good health.


3. Lymph node tuberculosis diet

  • It constitutes 20 to 40% of extra-pulmonary Tuberculosis.
  • It happens mostly in children and women.
  • In lymph node tuberculosis you are advised to take more and more fruits along with some dry fruits for diet and for your good health.


4. Abstinence during tuberculosis

  • Most importantly there should not be any intake of tobacco products like cigarette, drugs related products, etc.
  • Intake of alcohol too should be completely ignored in this disease.
  • If we talk about junk food, fried items or fried junk food these should not be eaten in the stage they do not seem to be healthy.


 5. Nutrition and its effects in Tuberculosis.

  • If a person does not take proper nutrition diet he or she may suffer from many more problems in Tuberculosis.
  • As we know that medicines related to tuberculosis are heavy so if proper nutrition or diet is not taken by a person he or she may not tolerate the capacity to take those medicines.
  • Undernutrition patients face serious conditions in tuberculosis and they may also suffer from problems related to the liver.


 6. Nutritional value in tuberculosis

  • If we talk about the requirement of calories that is in tuberculosis, 40 kilocalories per kg weight per day is necessary for a patient.
  • We get calories mainly from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.
  • 50- 60% of of calories should be taken with the help of carbohydrates.
  • We get carbohydrates from rice , wheat, dal, vegetables, potato, etc.
  • We need to divide our diet in a proper manner so that around 55% carbohydrates is received by us.
  • Total 10 to 15% of the protein we should take and the requirement is 1.2 -1.5 per g per kg weight per weight.
  • In the same way, 10 to 15% of fats should be taken by a person.


 7. Micronutrients

  • We need to also take micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, green vegetables, and fruits.
  • Anemia can also be caused to a person in Tuberculosis, there can be chances in which you might need to take a supplement of Iron and Folic acid but only under the consultation of the doctor.


8. Diet for tuberculosis in pregnant women.

  • Pregnant females need extra energy in the form of protein calcium multivitamins and iron.